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Synthesys vs. India

Looks like Synthesys is part of a larger movement where IT jobs are spring up in rural America. For anyone who happens across this blog that isn’t familiar with Synthesys, we’re located in Greenville, IL, which is about 45 minutes … Continue reading

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Iconoclastic Computer

This is weird — one of the users at a company I consult at came to me with a problem this morning: some of his Adobe Illustrator 11 documents had their icons mysteriously changed overnight. This guy is a star … Continue reading

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The Bizzarely Beautiful World of NSIS

Yesterday I got to work on a setup program written in NSIS which I hadn’t touched in months. A quick glance at the code brought sweat to this PHP-junkie’s brow. However, in about 30 seconds the code came into focus … Continue reading

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And the rumors were…

…true! But does the world really need yet another chat client?

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Fun with SQLite + PHP

My poor little OpenIT development box which runs on a whopping 48 MB of RAM has been running unusually slow, and I think its due to upgrading from MySQL 4.0 to 4.1. That’s really the only thing thats changed on … Continue reading

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OpenIT via PEAR?

I didn’t realize PEAR was going to become a means of distribution for PHP web applications. I always thought of PEAR as being an easy way to get PHP extensions, but not whole applications. It probably would have helped if … Continue reading

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