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49 pages of Requirement Specification Goodness

Just sent off a 49 page Requirements Specification to a client. Most of it was created in Writer 1.1.5 and MS Visio 2003 (because Dia just doesn’t quite cut it). I love OpenOffice Writer, and it’s simple little Stylist … Continue reading

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Windows XP ate my Linux

So everything went great for my friend who installed Ubuntu on his computer. That is until he attempted to install Windows XP on an empty partition. Windows XP blew away the GRUB MBR, so now he (we, I?) has to … Continue reading

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HP User Advocacy

I don’t know why I never blogged about this before, but a few months ago Synthesys made a new web site for HP User Group Online Advocacy based on Drupal 4.5.* So if you’re an HP customer, especially an enterprise … Continue reading

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Ubuntu better work…

I’m installing Ubuntu 5.10 on a friend’s home computer tonight, and I’m a bit nervous. I’ve forced my wife to use Debian Etch on our home computer, and she’s gotten used to it. (A pretty theme helped a lot!) It … Continue reading

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Ari Gordon-Schlosberg is my Hero

So PPK authentication hasn’t worked for me on for … well … ever. Today, my new hero and best friend, Ari Gordon-Schlosberg, fixed that (bad permissions somehow). Why am I so excited? Well now I can do CVS commits … Continue reading

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PHP’s Golden Ticket: PEAR 1.4

PEAR 1.4 has been been released! I hope features like channels, mirroring support, remote installation, and improved dependencies support will help fuel wide spread adoption and innovation of this wonderful piece of software. I’ll be honest, I’m very frustrated with … Continue reading

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