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Red Squiggly Programming™

Visual Studio has made me a worse professor. Zac Bowling’s post about Visual Studio rotting his mind made me realize that I adhere to the Red Squiggly Programming™ methodology. This is similar to the Red Squiggly Spelling™ methodology and a … Continue reading

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OpenIT Adoption

I’m preparing a new testing version of OpenIT, 2.1.1, right now. This test release is unique because the majority of bugs it fixes were found by people testing 2.1.0 and providing enough details to make fixing them easy. While OpenIT … Continue reading

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Drive-by upgrades

Fraser Speirs posted a great blog article on O’Reilly about an unexpected side-effect of Web 2.0: the drive-by upgrade. This is a must read for anyone evangelizing web applications.

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Broadband over Power Line: More Non-News

Wired just ran an article on BPL (Broadband over Power Line) that really sums up nicely what I’ve been reading elsewhere. But that’s just it: It’s the same news I’ve been reading elsewhere. Cincinnati and Manassas, Virginia (a DC suburb) … Continue reading

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Stop paying hundreds for (or stealing) Microsoft Office and go download 2.0. Never hunt for license keys or original install CDs again.

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Including PEAR with OpenIT

OpenIT now seems to do the same thing a number of other PHP projects do: bundle PEAR packages. I made a script to make keeping PEAR in OpenIT up-to-date simple: openitPEAR.php This script is for developer use only, and allows … Continue reading

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