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Firefox 1.5 Released

Remember to drop by and pick up Firefox 1.5. Here are some of my favorite points: Better pop-up blocking. Faster back & forward buttons. Much faster! Moveable tabs! You can now drag & move your tabs (without having to … Continue reading

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Rural IT – Like India, Slightly Better Accents

Wired News is running a great article on outsourcing to Rural IT companies. If you missed my previous post about an ABC News story on the same subject, Synthesys is one of these rural IT consulting companies. We’re quite similar … Continue reading

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More bursting of the my $100 bubble…

The truth hurts…

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Give SourceForge back to the community! recently rolled out a huge and much needed cosmetic update to their site. Ross Turk posted a very informative blog about the process of this site upgrade. I have a solution to many of the problems the encountered … Continue reading

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Bursting my $100 Bubble

As a geek I’m excited about the $100 laptop for children in developing nations. Sadly, my glee is not entirely altruistic: the latop will use Linux which means Linux could suddenly become the most popular laptop operating system in the … Continue reading

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Breaking the Law

I’m such a rebel. If you don’t want to read my long winded rambling posts, let me summarize: I want to use icons from the CC-SA licensed Tango project in OpenIT which uses the GPL. Some people say they’re incompatible, … Continue reading

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