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Speeding up Debian Etch and Gnome

Over my holiday vacation I ran into some weird crashes while in Gnome on my Debian Etch box. Since I don’t know enough about the internals of Gnome to do any serious debugging, I took the cowards way out and … Continue reading

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Adventures in ASP.Net

Lately, Aaron and I have been hacking on a Synthesys product that uses an ASP.Net Web Service to act as a sort of a proxy between two remote client applications. It’s been a long and interesting road, especially since until … Continue reading

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Mozilla/Microsoft in RSS Love Fest

Ok, so not quite a love fest, but Mozilla and Microsoft met to chat it up about web feeds … err … I mean RSS … or Atom … or Live Bookmarks… Fear no longer end users, RSS and all … Continue reading

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C# in CS Instruction

While doing some preliminary research on a CS2 C# textbook, I found a great paper comparing Java and C# for use in CS1 and CS2 courses. I was impressed with how well C# faired against Java considering Java is quite … Continue reading

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Legitimate Critique of AJAX

Update: Turns out it was a spoof which makes it funnier if slightly less accurate. Thanks for straightening me out Dan. Jakob Nielsen has a great article titled Ajax Sucks Most of the Time. I like what he’s saying. I … Continue reading

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Stretching PHP

My last post probably deserves a little more elaboration about what I’m busy doing. Currently I’m working on an internal PHP project that uses PHP in ways most people would find frightening: Real Time Mission Critical High Security Before you … Continue reading

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