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No Evil doesn’t mean All Good

So Google’s censoring the Internet for China — turns out Google’s philosophy of not being evil doesn’t mean they have to be good. Turns out they’re happy to sit on the fence with the rest of the spineless capitalists (read: … Continue reading

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loose != lose

Is it just me or does every computer person use “loose” and “loosing” when they mean “lose” or “losing”?  I haven’t seen a “loost” yet though…

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OpenIT Progress

I’ve been keeping up a good pace of bug fixing in OpenIT thanks to user bug reports. I’m really getting bitter about using MySQL 4.0, especially after we’ve started using PostgreSQL for a new project at Synthesys. Views? Foreign Key … Continue reading

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First CIS199 Class

I’m teaching CIS199 Programming and Data Structures II as an adjunct professor at Greenville College this semester.  If you remember, I taught CIS210 Programming and Data Structures I last semester (Fall ’05). Now I know what you’re thinking:  Why is … Continue reading

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The Day I pwned Mono

I just spotted a bug in a patch submitted to the mono-devel-list that I just joined yesterday. It was a simple typo, but a bug nonetheless. So, when do I get syndicated on Monologue?

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Augmented Blogging

Aaron was kind enough to upgrade my blog to WordPress 2.0 along with his own. I’m going to try and reorganize my blog as the organic method of creating categories as they occur to me has worked out suboptimally, and … Continue reading

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