Monthly Archives: February 2006 Adds Subversion Support finally adds yet another feature that its free and open source fork, GForge, has had for some time: Subersion support! I’ll be migrating OpenIT as soon as 2.2 is released. OpenIT is actually the last project I work on … Continue reading

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VNC Server on Debian 3.1 (Sarge)

Recently Deloy asked me for help setting up VNC on some Fedora servers his students are using. While I’ve never used Fedora, the setup I use in Debian Sarge should work on any sensible Linux distribution (and probably any good … Continue reading

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OpenSSH 4.3 Released

The release notes for the new version of OpenSSH are far too modest: This is primarily a bug-fix release, only one new feature has been added: * Add support for tunneling arbitrary network packets over a connection… Basically this means … Continue reading

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