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Boss Blogging About Venezuela

I haven’t even gotten around to blogging about Synthesys’s planned trip to Venezuela, but my boss, Bob Rinella, has been posting like crazy! The story goes, Bob visited a school/church in Venezuela a few months ago and has been planning … Continue reading

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Planned Obsolescence… in 8000 Years

I made a simple little real time data reporting system live today which dumps a row into a MySQL database once a minute. I didn’t include any archiving or purging functionality, so I decided to do some quick calculations to … Continue reading

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The Joy of Slackware

The first Linux distribution I used was Red Hat 5 way back in High School. My school was using it on an already old 486 to host its new web site, and I got a shell account on it to … Continue reading

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The Miserable State of Audio in Linux

So I’ve been trying to transfer some interviews my Dad did back in the late 1970s with coal miners to my Debian Linux desktop computer for archiving. I have an ancient Sony tape deck hooked into my Line In jack, … Continue reading

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More ASP.Net 2.0 features missing from Mono

After stripping out the SiteMap Provider, Membership Provider, and Role Provider, I discovered a few more ASP.Net 2.0 features that are missing from Mono System.Web.UI.WebControls.BulletedList:Render is not implemented. That seems like an easy place for me to learn Mono … Continue reading

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“Fun” with ASP.Net 2.0 in Mono

I tried to get the ASP.Net 2.0 project we’re working on at Synthesys running on Mono. The server runs Debian Linux Etch, and I use the following packages (some of them are preview packages): mono (and related libraries) mono-xsp2 … Continue reading

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