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Microsoft Creates SourceForge 2.0?

I just read on that Microsoft created a site called CodePlex which appears to be identical to Evidently the point of CodePlex is to host and manage open source projects (as well as Microsoft’s shared source projects). CodePlex … Continue reading

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Connecting Crystal Reports XI Standard to PostgreSQL

At Synthesys we’re using PostgreSQL as the database for a large web application.� For the time being we’re writing our reports in Crystal Reports, although we’re hoping to move to a free platform in the future. Unfortunately we only have … Continue reading

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For Samantha’s new job at First United Methodist Church in Peoria, she and I are supposed to send them a photo along with a 2 paragraph bio for the church newsletter. After reading today’s Pearls Before Swine, I’ve decided its … Continue reading

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Fun with Facial Recognition

So my friend Dan blogged his results from’s free celebrity facial comparison. Evidently I look Asian because my #1 result was a South Korean actor, Bae Yong-jun. After that I had a bunch of ties: Pope Pius XII Linus … Continue reading

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The License Beast

An article over at Computer World is indirectly one of the best arguments for Free Software I’ve ever read. I’ve attempted to navigate Microsoft’s various licensing schemes for small businesses before, and its always been a confusing and ardous process. … Continue reading

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Living Dangerously: Using Windows without an AntiVirus

Today was finally able uninstall McAfee‘s awful Managed VirusScan. I installed it because a client I worked for a lot had a SonicWall Firewall that required it be installed (or an IP based exception would have to be setup). Windows … Continue reading

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