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Goodbye Courier-IMAP, Hello Dovecot

While putting the finishing touches on the new mail server I blogged about before, I got fed up with Courier-IMAP and went with Dovecot instead. I wish I could tell you all kinds of technical reasons why Dovecot is superior, … Continue reading

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Postfix + ClamAV + SpamAssassin + Maildrop Diagram

I just finished setting up a new mail server at work. I’m hoping to replace our current e-mail servers (1 exchange server for internal mail & 1 outsourced for external), so to help sell the idea I wanted to install … Continue reading

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cssh: C# Shell

The other day I found myself writing a shell script in PHP because I refuse to learn bash’s archaic syntax.  I’m actually a lot happier with PHP as a shell scripting language than a web application language.  However, I’ve always … Continue reading

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Never Solve Behavioral Problems with IT Solutions

I learned a valuable lesson from my boss yesterday: never try to solve behavioral problems with purely IT solutions. IT solutions should reflect and possibly augment social/organizational rules, not create them. Case 1: a teacher wanted to lock down a … Continue reading

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apt-zeroconf is a fantastic little program that uses Avahi to automatically find and download packages from other Debian computers on your LAN with apt-zeroconf installed. The configuration is ridiculously easy (I use Proxy Mode), and I’ve already noticed a huge … Continue reading

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PostgreSQL 8.2 Released

Just noticed PostgreSQL 8.2 was released yesterday. I chose PostgreSQL 8.x for a large project when MySQL 5 either wasn’t out or was too new for my comfort. I learned database application programming on MySQL, but now I choose PostgreSQL … Continue reading

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