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Any Takers for Drupal in Python?

I half-jokingly posted a comment on Dries Buytaert blog about re-implementing Drupal in Python.  Honestly, I expected to either be flamed or ignored, but instead it turns out I’m not the first person to think of this!  Some people even … Continue reading

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CherryMail and Fun with AJAX

I’ve hacked a bit more on CherryMail, my web mail for IMAP project. I’ve never really played around with any of the fancy new JavaScript frameworks out there, so I quick slapped some DataTables from Yahoo’s UI Library into CherryMail. … Continue reading

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Losing Loose

For some reason using loose instead of lose is my #1 pet peeve. Every once in a while the word loose works when used in place of lose, but in this case it makes it sound like Apple wants labels … Continue reading

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Dell to offer Ubuntu

I take 2 days off and miss potentially the biggest Linux announcement ever: a major OEM is going to offer Linux pre-installed on consumer computers! Dell is going to offer Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on certain consumer computers. This is fantastic … Continue reading

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