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Genshi + CherryPy + FormEncode Tutorial

Christopher Lenz (cmlenz) just wrote an excellent tutorial on Genshi because I was whining about how I couldn’t get a handle on the right way to use Genshi. While the tutorial’s primary target is Genshi, its an excellent tutorial on … Continue reading

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WebKit for Gnome

WebKit for Gnome just landed in Debian’s unstable repository. Unfortunately its just the libraries for now, but it does include a testing GUI called GdkLauncher. If you’re not familiar with WebKit, it is the open source HTML/CSS/JavaScript rendering engine that … Continue reading

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AdBlock is bad…

…but these guys are ridiculous. I don’t use any sort of ad blocking extensions, plug-ins, add-ons, widgets, whatever. Ads are the currency of the Internet, and I’m happy to put up with ads in exchange for free services. If a … Continue reading

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Deploying CherryPy on Apache 2 using mod_proxy

Background I’ve been trying to move away from PHP to Python for web applications. I tried Django and TurboGears, but I settled upon the more basic CherryPy framework. It helped that my friend Christian is active in the CherryPy community … Continue reading

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I Love Linode

I just signed up for a new Linode account. This is the fourth account I’ve created with them over the years, and I’ve always been very pleased. I wish I do a side-by-side comparison with another VPS host, but I’ve … Continue reading

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Fixing Rhythmbox

It didn’t take long before I found a problem with Rhythmbox.* It couldn’t figure out the MIME type for half of Blonde Redhead’s newest album 23 (download it from emusic). The simple fix was: rm -R ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox This deletes your … Continue reading

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