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Easy Rsync Remote Backups Using SSH Keys

Rsync is an excellent file transfer utility thats especially well suited for backing up files over the Internet because it only transfers the data that has changed. A friend asked me how to set it up, so I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Looking for CherryPy Case Studies

At the CherryPy BOF[1] at Pycon in Chicago we discussed how people are using CherryPy in lots of different ways. We’re afraid people aren’t grokking how flexible CherryPy is just by briefly glancing at the web site and thought having … Continue reading

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Annoyed with Joel on Software

A quote from Joel on Software’s latest post on the IE8 standards mode by default: …the way to make a paragraph with small text is <p><small>, but a lot of people wrote <small><p> which is technically incorrect for reasons most … Continue reading

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Common Django Typo in URLconf

If you’re hacking Django and get this… ImproperlyConfigured: Error while importing URLconf ‘': ‘tuple’ object is not callable …you’re probably missing a comma in your URL configuration as Rajesh Dhawan pointed out. Django pros can move along, I know you … Continue reading

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Don’t Top Post…

…it makes reading your hilarious internal memos annoying. I guess top-posting is mostly Microsoft’s fault anyway. Ironically, while Gmail encourages top-posting as well, its conversations view of messages is just a fancy way of fixing top-posting. Inline is your friend.

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