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Replacing OpenID

OpenID has admirable goals: reducing the number of accounts you have to create and manage on the Internet. However, as I mentioned in my last post I’m a bit disappointed with how OpenID has worked in The Real World (that … Continue reading

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Thanks to El Reg for reminding us that new APIs really aren’t any reason to get excited. My $0.02 (because everyone is dying to know): Google Gears* – A SQL database client-side? Aren’t we trying to get away from SQL … Continue reading

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Adobe Flash in Linux

Like most people, I use Flash a lot. Not only do I watch YouTube and Hulu videos, but FusionCharts* are an integral part of one of the main projects I work on. And like most people, I just want Flash … Continue reading

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Kyle Waremburg

When I worked at Tremont Community Schools, Kyle was still a student, but he helped build Firewall Admin, a Linux desktop that spanned 9 monitors, and many robots. He’s now blogging, and I can almost guarantee he’ll always be doing … Continue reading

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