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Join #webdevpdx on Freenode

Chris just created a channel for web developers in Portland, OR on Freenode, so if you’re a web developer (or sysadmin or dba or designer or manager forced to deal with us webdevs) come on in! #webdevpdx on New … Continue reading

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Listing All Passwords Stored in Gnome Keyring

I was toying with writing my first desktop application in years and got distracted by how cool Gnome Keyring is. Of course storing and retrieving passwords is pretty mundane, so here’s a fun example that dumps all of the current … Continue reading

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Fedora’s Crypto Consolidation

I just found out Fedora is attempting to consolidate on Mozilla’s NSS for system-wide cryptography. I love the idea and hope it succeeds as it will make using crypto so much easier for system administrators and users. Since humans are … Continue reading

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From Anabaptist to Methodist and Back Again

My wife, Samantha, and I attended Portland Mennonite Church for their Sunday morning service today. The singing was beautiful.[1] The sermon excellent.[2] And the potluck: classic.[3] Ironically within seconds of nervously taking a seat at potluck someone mentions going to … Continue reading

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Moved to Portland, OR

My wife & I just arrived in Portland, OR today after 4 grueling days of travel via Penske from Peoria, IL. Job 1 is finding a place to live, so we can move out of our friend’s apartment. Job 2 … Continue reading

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