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Release Lenny!

An article from El Reg about MySQL ends with a great quote: This is the same lesson that Debian hasn’t yet learned from Ubuntu: fast and good-enough always beats slow and correct. Release Lenny now! Update: Yay! It appears Debian … Continue reading

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Web Server Quandary

Apache was probably the first Linux application I learned how to configure. However, I’ve gotten a bit frustrated with it recently… The Problem A memory leak. Apache is eating up memory so quickly that I need to restart it every … Continue reading

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My Past 24 Hours

Sunday, December 21st The plan is the not chance the weather and stay overnight at the airport tonight to make sure to catch our 6:30am flight Monday morning. Here’s what happened: 9:00am – 4:45pm – Packing, checking Trimet service alerts … Continue reading

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Fixing Gnome Notification’s Popup Location

Gnome notifications popup in the lower left corner of your desktop by default* which constantly annoys me. I usually have a terminal open in the lower left corner, and having my work covered by notifications is quite annoying. Luckily the … Continue reading

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