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Show Me Ads! (At least the ones I want to see.)

I don’t use ad blockers. If a site has really obnoxious ads, I try to avoid that site. I understand that ads are the way these sites make money, and honestly one day I may have an ad-funded site as … Continue reading

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Why not Subversion + DVCS of Choice?

A follow-up to my last post on DVCSes… Gnomers have been discussing DVCSes a lot lately, and at least one seems to prefer bzr as the repository format and git as the protocol it speaks. If this sounds like madness … Continue reading

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Time to Learn Git?

Update: Doh! Sorry for flooding everyone’s feed readers with my epic post. Evidently WordPress ignored my “more” tag. I think I ran into this problem before… Update 2: Retracted the meaningless Google Trends point. Thanks to commenters for pointing out … Continue reading

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