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2nd OS Bridge Proposal: Django Introduction

I just posted my second talk proposal for the Open Source Bridge Conference: Introduction to Django: The Who, What, and When As with my other talk, Web Server Shootout, I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. We’re all already … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing my OS Bridge Talk Proposal

Update: Submitted my proposal, but please still leave me comments! I can still edit my proposal. Web server performance has been a hot topic for some time now as Apache hasn’t been the only viable option for a few years. … Continue reading

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New Laptop: Acer Extensa 4630Z

I bought a laptop recently because being a web consultant and tied to a desktop is not only embarrassing, but is a quick way to lose (or at least frustrate) clients who’d love to see my hairy hacker face on-site. … Continue reading

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BPL Died, Nobody Came to the Funeral

Growing up, going to college, and then working for a couple of years in rural Illinois, BPL (Broadband over Powerlines) was always a technology I watched with eager anticipation. Unfortunately sometime in 2005 I realized Duke Nukem Forever and Perl … Continue reading

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Tokyo {Cabinet, [Py]Tyrant} Talk

I did an introductory talk on Tokyo Cabinet, Tokyo Tyrant, pytc, and PyTyrant at the Portland Python User Group meeting last night. It was definitely just an introductory talk, so if you’re already familiar with these projects it probably won’t … Continue reading

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Bad Banks

While I try to keep up with the news, like most Americans I really have only a vague picture of this financial crisis we’re in, and how to get out. Here are a couple pieces of media I’ve found helpful … Continue reading

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