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Handy Python Progress for JSON module

I’ve been spending a good deal of time the past couple of days processing large JSON files to try and fix some corrupted data (long story, short version: my fault). While JSON is a fast file format to work with, … Continue reading

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Web Server Shootout Talk Accepted at OS Bridge Conference

My talk, Web Server Shootout, was accepted by the Open Source Bridge Conference! I’m terribly excited, but also nervous because there’s a lot I need to do between now and the conference. Expect regular updates on how my talk is … Continue reading

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Catching up on photos: Lots o’ Hiking

I’ve finally gotten around to organizing and uploading over a months worth of photos off of my little digital camera. Just to make sure there’s something geeky in this post: I use F-Spot to organize and upload my photos to … Continue reading

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Keeping all your notes in sync with Dropbox and Tomboy

Tomboy is a wonderful note taking program for Gnome. It has some synchronization features built-in, but not everyone has a server to store their notes for synchronizing between multiple computers. Enter Dropbox: a service for synchronizing files between computers. It … Continue reading

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BitBucket Project for Python FusionCharts Code

After my last post on FusionCharts, someone was nice enough to e-mail me some a Django snippet for exporting FusionCharts as images, so I decided I might as well put the code in a public repository. While I prefer Bazaar … Continue reading

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Image Exporter for Fusion Charts

I wrote an image exporter for Fusion Charts while working for YouGov/Polimetrix, and someone recently asked if they could use it as well. You’ll have to alter it a bit because it was written for a custom CherryPy-based framework. It … Continue reading

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