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Debugging Go 1.2 on Ubuntu 13.10 with GDB

While the Debugging Go Code with GDB documentation is fantastic, it unfortunately doesn’t work out of the box with Ubuntu 13.10. If you try it you’ll probably see an error similar to: The problem is that Ubuntu 13.10 links GDB … Continue reading

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MmStats in Scripts

MmStats is a library I created to expose and read statistics, metrics, and debugging information from running Python processes without the overhead of syscalls (eg writing to a socket or file) or threads, and to make sure that as many … Continue reading

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Building Python 2.6.8 on Ubuntu 12.04

Update 2012-06-01: Looks like pythonz is an easier way to install Python 2.6.8 (and all other Pythons) on Ubuntu 12.04. Ubuntu 12.04 builds OpenSSL without SSLv2. Python 2.6.8 expects OpenSSL to be built with SSLv2. This is a bug that … Continue reading

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Failing with MongoDB

Update: Sorry this isn’t my best piece of writing and there seems to be some confusion. The dataset in question was first in a 1.8 master/slave pair and then migrated to sharded replica sets and 2.0.0. For a bit of … Continue reading

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MemoryMapFile Convenience Class for Python

My obsession with mmap hasn’t died, but while Python’s mmap module is a wonderful low level library it’s a bit hard for a newcomer to use properly. I’ve started toying with a convenience wrapper class for mmap.mmap (at least the … Continue reading

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Sharing Python data between processes using mmap

I’ve been toying with an idea of exposing statistics for a Python application via shared memory to keep the performance impact on the application as low as possible. The goal being an application could passively expose a number of metrics … Continue reading

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