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Failing with MongoDB

Update: Sorry this isn’t my best piece of writing and there seems to be some confusion. The dataset in question was first in a 1.8 master/slave pair and then migrated to sharded replica sets and 2.0.0. For a bit of … Continue reading

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schmongodb slides from Update Portland

A few months ago someone in #pdxwebdev on Freenode asked an innocent MongoDB question. In response I ranted seemingly endlessly about our experience with MongoDB at Urban Airship. After a few moments somebody (perhaps sarcastically? who can know on IRC) … Continue reading

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Less Pagination, More More

We live in a brave new (to some) world of databases other than a relational database with a SQL interface. Normally end users never notice a difference, but the astute viewer may notice the slow demise of an old friend: … Continue reading

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Making Server-Side MongoDB Functions Less Awkward

I’ve recently switched my project at work to use MongoDB for the user database and a few other datasets. Currently I don’t use many JavaScript functions, but when I do I like to store them on the server so that … Continue reading

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