OpenIT 2.0-RC1 Released …finally!


After weeks of barely being able to touch OpenIT, Aaron and I finally fixed up some bugs and released OpenIT 2.0-RC1. 2.0-beta3 actually had SQL errors in the setup file which was causing major headaches for users! Shame on me… Let’s hope RC1 fares better and that 2.0-final can be released with minor changes.

Poor Aaron accepted the task of updating FCKEditor which is pretty horrible to work with. It’s just a huge code base with lots of configuration options and different ways to set it up. Don’t get me wrong, I love FCKEditor, but I hate bundling it.

Aaron and I are eager to get 2.0 out the door so we can start doing some major changes again. Hopefully the next minor release (2.1) will see a lot of module/section code move into objects. That would make them a lot more fun to work with.