Why I hate Microsoft Office


Someone at an organization I consult at received an “Out of Memory” error when attempting to copy and paste a chart in Microsoft Excel 97. After attempting the resolution methods from “Mr. Excel” and a MS KnowledgeBase article, the error persisted.

Then I read this interesting page on Excel memory issues, which led me to the conclusion that Microsoft Excel is a horrifically buggy application. I wonder if OpenOffice.org suffers from similar ridiculous memory limitations… I’ve never had any problems with OOo Calc, but then again my spreadsheets are usually fairly simple (less than 6 sheets with less than a dozen charts).

Oh, and I hate Microsoft’s complete abuse of MDI window behavior in Office as well. Just needed to get that in there. 😉

Update: After upgrading the user received a new error whenever he attempted to copy and paste charts: “No more new fonts may be applied in this workbook.” Luckily Microsoft is nice enough to cover this in a Knowledge Base Article. Of course it didn’t work… …until I noticed the user had about half a dozen hidden charts underneath every visible chart! Deleting the hidden charts and applying the suggested resolution from the KB article finally got it working.

More importantly: OOo Calc opened the file beautifully and was able to copy and paste just fine. (This isn’t the first time I’ve had OOo handle MS Office files better than Office!)