Windows Vista renames XP features


I’m sick and tired of reading about how Windows Vista will end reinstalling and run faster the longer you use it. From what I can tell Microsoft is making the extremely useful msconfig program into a control panel applet (good move), running defragment automatically, and renaming prefetching to SuperFetch.

None of these steps will prevent companies, both legitimate and not, from creating bloated software and drivers with buggy setup and remove programs. Also, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Apple Quicktime, RealPlayer, and already do “prefetching” of their own. How will SuperFetch* affect these applications? Will it prefetch the prefetch applications as well as what they prefetch? Seems like a lot of overhead is going to go into prefetching.

And when was the last time anyone noticed an improvement from defragmentation? I still run it occassionally out of curiosity, but only when working on ancient Windows 98 & ME boxes do I have a real reason to defragment.

*Evidently Microsoft is very fond of the word “super”.