PHP’s Golden Ticket: PEAR 1.4


PEAR 1.4 has been been released! I hope features like channels, mirroring support, remote installation, and improved dependencies support will help fuel wide spread adoption and innovation of this wonderful piece of software.

I’ll be honest, I’m very frustrated with PHP’s current habit of BC breakage. I’ve been using Mono/.Net a lot at work and school, and it’s so nice to program in a language that is not only cross-platform, but is also source and binary compatible between two different implementations of the C# and runtime standard. PHP can’t stay self-compatible between minor version numbers!

However, I still prefer developing web applications in PHP as the development and deployment is so much easier than messing with xsp, mod-mono, or IIS (*shudder*).

Maybe at some point in the future I’ll create a PEAR package for OpenIT, so I can tell people to just run pear upgrade-all to cure all their woes. But first, I’d better get 2.0.1 out…