Ubuntu better work…


I’m installing Ubuntu 5.10 on a friend’s home computer tonight, and I’m a bit nervous.

I’ve forced my wife to use Debian Etch on our home computer, and she’s gotten used to it. (A pretty theme helped a lot!) It was a bit rough at first (especially getting used to OpenOffice.org), but now she rarely has any problems using it. In fact I’m sure her only big compliant would be when I broke the sound for 3 weeks by installing a bunch of packages from Debian Sid in the middle of the glibc, Gnome 2.10, and X.org transitions… I’ve since learned my lesson about messing around in unstable (sid) unless you know what you’re doing (and have lots of time to do it!).

At any rate, this friend has quite the workstation: SATA RAID, dual monitors, firewire, a bunch of USB devices, etc. so I’m nervous about everything working out-of-the-box.

Also he’s keeping a Windows XP partition because he does a lot of video editing, and I’m not going to guarantee that he likes anything in Linux better than the professional video editing suites he uses in Windows.

We’ll see what happens…

Update: It worked. Beautifully.