HP User Advocacy


I don’t know why I never blogged about this before, but a few months ago Synthesys made a new web site for HP User Group Online Advocacy based on Drupal 4.5.*

So if you’re an HP customer, especially an enterprise customer or part of a user group, head over to HPUGOA. You can vote on polls, take surveys, and add your $0.02 about HP related issues. Once an issue gets 5 votes, HP usually submits an official response. Also, the surveys are actually used, so the more people that take them the better.

  • I say “based on Drupal” because we ended up doing quite a bit of hacking to make the site fit the functional specification. Aaron has been playing with Drupal 4.6 and flexinode, and thinks we could recreate the site with little to no code hacking. Considering we built the site from scratch for what the old hosting company charged for yearly support, maybe we’ll get the chance to give it an upgrade someday.