Including PEAR with OpenIT


OpenIT now seems to do the same thing a number of other PHP projects do: bundle PEAR packages.

I made a script to make keeping PEAR in OpenIT up-to-date simple: openitPEAR.php This script is for developer use only, and allows developers to run regular PEAR commands within OpenIT’s PEAR environment. Therefore to upgrade all of OpenIT’s PEAR packages, you just run ./openitPEAR.php upgrade-all

It may be handy for other PHP projects that wish to bundle PEAR packages. The source is quite easy to read besides some bash-isms left over from my first attempt to write it as a shell script.

What’s scary is that eventually this script + a PEAR channel could equal modular OpenIT. Meaning OpenIT could be split up into PEAR modules and installed via the openitPEAR.php script. This idea seems more of a could-do than a will-do.