OpenIT Adoption


I’m preparing a new testing version of OpenIT, 2.1.1, right now. This test release is unique because the majority of bugs it fixes were found by people testing 2.1.0 and providing enough details to make fixing them easy.

While OpenIT has had lots of users submit bugs, the quality of bug reports has gone up, and users are actually trying the latest stable and testing versions. I even have user submitted code gather dust because I haven’t had time to look at yet.

I think OpenIT is slowly gaining some real adoption. The 1.x series went through so many major changes I think it turned users off, and the 2.0 development process took forever and had lots of bugs right up until … well … 2.0.1 really.

The good news is that the database hasn’t changed much (just the “data” field in Employees) since early in 2.0 development, and the backend object model is becoming exponentially more powerful with each release (thanks largely to Jeremy and Aaron)!

The UI and general usability still needs a lot of work, and the reporting section (or lack thereof) is a huge issue. But we’ll get there!