Give SourceForge back to the community!

  2005-11-21 recently rolled out a huge and much needed cosmetic update to their site. Ross Turk posted a very informative blog about the process of this site upgrade.

I have a solution to many of the problems the encountered during the upgrade/transition: return to the community!

The software running SourceForge used to be open source. At some point the-powers-that-be decided they could make more money off of the site if they made it closed-source and sell the site’s engine as a standalone product.

Considering the explosion in the amount of advertising and vendor tie-ins on SourceForge, I’m guessing this strategy failed. The reliability of SourceForge is a disgrace and the number of ads makes many end-users wonder if they’re downloading spyware.

I say re-open source! Let the community help heal these ills. SourceForge is an incredible resource for the open source community, but the site itself is a huge failure for open source in general.

It’s a big advertisement of how open source failed to generate revenue or provide stable services. Since it portrays the open source community so poorly, let the open source community help fix it.