Debian Loves Lesbians, Ubuntu


Update: It appears order has been restored. The poster of the sarcastic e-mail below has been banned from posting to that mailing list. Open source mailing lists are such a great source of drama.

I received the following e-mail which was sent to the Debian Developers’ Announcements list:

Since this sort of thing is apparently okay nowadays, and I know that a lot of you like looking at lesbians, I’d like to share this with you:


[And for the sarcasm-impaired: debian-devel-announce is for Debian development, not anything that you (or any other group of people) happen to be interested in. Don’t post irrelevant stuff here. It would be a real shame if the list had to be moderated because people can’t exercise good judgement. Anything sent here should be of interest to an overwhelming majority of Debian developers, *at least* – if you’re using phrases like “for those who care about X”, it belongs somewhere else, like X-announce.]

Don’t worry, while the linked picture does show women kissing, its safe for work (unless you work at Focus on the Family, the White House, or pretty much anywhere in the Midwest or South).

This appears to be a jab at a previous post to this list titled

For those who care about their packages in Ubuntu. I love it when geeks passive aggressively fight via mailing lists.