First CIS199 Class


I’m teaching CIS199 Programming and Data Structures II as an adjunct professor at Greenville College this semester.  If you remember, I taught CIS210 Programming and Data Structures I last semester (Fall ’05).

Now I know what you’re thinking:  Why is a P&DS II a 199 course while P&DS I is a 210 course?  You would probably also ask why CIS199 is only worth 3 credits while 210 was worth 4 (and in the past CIS211 has been worth 4).  Truth is I have no idea, and when I asked I was told this is just how it has to be.  My only guess is that the changes had to be made due to the small class size.

I’m teaching using C# again which I feel is an excellent language for both instructional and professional use.  It has tons of features, is cross platform thanks to Mono, and there are a number of great free IDEs for it.

Last semester I forced my students to use SharpDevelop 1.1, but since Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition has been released for free, we may switch.  Using an IDE that does as much for you as Visual Studio may be taboo for Computer Science courses, but its very tempting because it really is such a nice IDE.  We’ll see if I fold or not.

My students are complete geniuses.  One of them is busy trying to rotate a square around a sphere in WinForms.  He’s implemented proper vertical and horizontal rotations, but trying to combine the two eventually skews the square.  Unfortunately I am absolutely no help to him when it comes to the math.