The Joy of Slackware


The first Linux distribution I used was Red Hat 5 way back in High School. My school was using it on an already old 486 to host its new web site, and I got a shell account on it to play around in. In college I played around with Red Hat and Linux from Scratch, but I fell in love with Slackware.

So when I entered the busy world and started setting up some Linux servers, I chose Slackware everytime. After a few installs I began getting frustrated at the number of packages I would have to manually build from source because Slackware didn’t provide them. It was fun the first time, but I was no longer a college student with time to waste.

I started switching to Debian and have never regretted it. While Debian’s package management is a bit overzealous for my taste, I love that it just works.

Now I only administer one remaining Slackware server which runs a couple LAMP applications. They’re mission critical apps, yet I only check on the server periodically. It never goes down and rarely needs updates. I still compile PHP from scratch, but thats mainly because PHP configurations can vary widely depending on needs.

So while I’ll probably standardize on Debian from now on, its always a joy to login to a Slackware server and find everything working as perfectly as the day it was first installed.