Dear Lazyweb, can Windows 2000 CALs be Upgraded?


I’m trying to find out if CALs from a Windows 2000 Server can be “upgraded” and used on a Windows 2003 Server. HP said yes and then no. Dell said no. I’m guessing I’m just going to have to repurchase all of those licenses if I upgrade.

The reason for this is that I help manage an aging Windows 2000 Server with 100 CALs, but its not even setup as a domain server. The server is a flaky old Dell with numerous parts replaced, so I’d like to just buy a new Dell or HP with Windows 2003 Server installed and not have to repurchase 100 CALs.

I’d love to just use Samba on Linux, but there’s a third-party ISV involved that will probably require us to have a vanilla Microsoft Windows network.

Update: Heard from someone else who said the answer was no, Win2k CALs cannot be upgraded.