Microsoft’s Laughable Developer Toolbar


If you create web pages and haven’t used the Web Developer Toolbar extension for Firefox, you’re cheating yourself. You can quickly and easily troubleshoot complex styling and layout issues.

Unfortunately, since the extension is for Firefox it can’t help you when Microsoft Internet Explorer decides to magically recalculate things like widths, padding, and margins. So I went in search of a Web Developer Toolbar for Internet Explorer and came across Microsoft’s abomination.

Microsoft was smart enough to call it a beta version, and so I guess that means I can’t complain that it crashed my browser, doesn’t outline elements completely, and the outline bleeds onto the bottom scroll bar.

Oh, and the interface is a hideous rip off of Firefox’s DOM Inspector and the Web Developer Toolbar.

If I wasn’t so angry at Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s Developer Toolbar would just be funny. But right now I have to figure out why a tag is 10 pixels wider on IE than Firefox. I’ve already had to fix the annoying peek-a-boo bug and use the Javascript/CSS PNG Transperancy hack to get this page I’m working on to display correctly in IE.