Moving to Peoria


I’m moving to Peoria, Illinois! My amazing wife Samantha got a job with the First United Methodist Church, and we decided to move. I’m going to continue working for Synthesys, but I’m looking for new clients in the Peoria area.

I’d love to work with public schools and open source software. However, since I have experience with rural electric cooperatives (from an IT perspective), I’ll probably be trying to make contacts in that sector as well.

And for you OpenIT users out there: a little funding would go a long way! Since I may not be working directly with a client who uses OpenIT anymore, I may have even less time to devote to it. I think OpenIT has a lot of potential, so please contact me if you’re interested in seeing the pace of OpenIT development accelerate.

While I should be focusing on marketing, right now I’m going through the drama of selling my home and buying another. If you’re interested in a nice little house in Greenville, Illinois, let me know!

My House in Greenville, IL