Living Dangerously: Using Windows without an AntiVirus


Today was finally able uninstall McAfee‘s awful Managed VirusScan.  I installed it because a client I worked for a lot had a SonicWall Firewall that required it be installed (or an IP based exception would have to be setup).  Windows XP’s boot time went from an agonizing few minutes to finally back under a minute.

McAfee’s definition of “Managed” was “ActiveX” which meant the installation frequently didn’t work and much digging through mysterious C:\Windows\ directories was needed to uninstall it, just so you could attempt to reinstall it properly.

Anyway, I’ve opted to only run ClamWin which is an open source virus scanner which I’ve had running on Synthesys’s mail server for over a year with a 100% block rate.  One catch: no on-demand scanner.

We’ll see how long I last without a full antivirus product.  Hopefully ClamWin will add on-demand scanning soon… Maybe this is my chance to learn Python, so I can contribute back to this project!