Microsoft Creates SourceForge 2.0?


CodePlex.comI just read on that Microsoft created a site called CodePlex which appears to be identical to Evidently the point of CodePlex is to host and manage open source projects (as well as Microsoft’s shared source projects). CodePlex has a Wiki which looks like it will eventually contain useful information, but its pretty sparse right now.

For example, I can’t find what version control system it uses. The Wiki references some Team Explorer Client application which can be used to connect to CodePlex projects, but I’ll leave that up to someone else to play with.

This is obviously a direct competitor to SourceForge, which I must admit needs competitors, but who’s going to use this site besides Microsoft? From what I can tell its going to try and force you to use Microsoft tools and technologies at every turn.

My guess is that this will just house a bunch of Microsoft’s shared source projects as well as a few other projects from Microsoft partners and MVPs. I can’t imagine any self-respecting open source project actually migrating to a Microsoft controlled project management system.

(And what’s with the name? Reminds me a lot of _Google_plex, which I’m sure makes Steve Ballmer happy.)