Hello Peoria


Sam and I are finally getting settled in our new house in Peoria. We’ve had plenty of fun experiences like:

  • Fixing a leak in our water main (thanks Dwayne Gibbs!)
  • Fixing our stove’s electrical outlet (thanks Josh Stuber!)
  • Rewiring all 3 phone jacks (I don’t know how they ever could have worked… tons of wires were switched and/or cut.)
  • Spending 4 hours on the phone with SBC/at&t to sign up for phone/DSL, find out they lost my DSL order, and try to sign up for free dial-up while I wait for DSL. Moral of the story: I hate SBC/att.
  • Called the police because two people were fighting in a huge SUV in front of our house late at night.
  • Visited Tremont Turkey Festival for about 30 minutes. Just as boring and expensive as I remember it.

Sam and I have also found a few great restaraunts already: Haddad’s, One World (of course), Taste of Thai, and a couple of Mexican and Chinese take-out places I can’t remember.

Now I’m trying to get back to work. I’m working from home and using dial-up until DSL gets here. I can see why Google is interested in getting people broadband connections. Using the Internet is frustrating and nearly pointless with a dialup connection.

I’m still sorting through lots of e-mail, but I’m eager to get back to work.