I Hate SBC and at&t …


… and evidently they hate me as well.

I’ve now had to order DSL 3 times and my order status still doesn’t show up via any automated system.

Somehow being 1 mile from downtown Peoria puts me on the edge of DSL service. And somehow being on the edge of DSL service means your order gets escalated. And somehow having your order escalated means no one can actually confirm your order unless you have them contact the super secret DSL specialists.

So I think if you want anything done with SBC DSL call the “DSL specialists” at 877-870-9582, and not the we-hate-our-customers hotline I was given: 877-722-3755.

I would have gone with cable broadband, but they want $45/mo. while SBC DSL is only $15/mo. But maybe you get what you pay for…