Part 2 of I Hate SBC and at&t …


…but I love Josh the DSL Specialist.

So I called that magical SBC/at&t DSL Specialist phone number I mentioned in my last post to confirm that I should be receiving DSL service tommorow as I was told over a week ago.

Turns out when I was told I would “recieve DSL service on June 20th”, that meant my order would be processed on the 20th. Evidently there’s a magical wait period between ordering DSL and when that order is “processed.” Josh, the DSL Specialist I was talking to, was able to process my order while I was on the phone.

The new date for when I should be able to use DSL is Friday, June 23rd. After asking, I was finally able to get an actual order number. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been told that I didn’t have one but could call back anytime to check my order.

This is ridiculous, and if I hadn’t already wasted so much time trying to get DSL, I’d be calling the cable company.