The Myth of the $400 Computer


While writing a hardware proposal for a small business yesterday, I had to estimate the cost of 8 new desktop computers. Time and time again I’ve had clients surprised when I budget $800-$1,100 per computer when they’ve seen the Dell ads for $350-$400 computers.

There is no such thing as a $400 computer for businesses.

Home users might be able to get away buying a piece of junk Dell Dimension. Dimensions come with tons of useless software and last approximately 2 years.

Businesses should worry about TCO. This means budgeting $150-$350 for Microsoft Office (unless you can use, and getting the business class model such as the Optiplex from Dell.

If you get lucky, you may be able to get a business class desktop for $600-$800, but I usually budget $1,100 because you should never base business decisions on luck.