A Favorable Demotion


On Nov 1st 2006, I left my position as the lead Developer at Synthesys Solutions to become a lowly assistant Computer Technician at Tremont School District #702.

While there are a number of reasons for the switch, the #1 reason was I wasn’t happy coding all day. I never wanted to be a code monkey, and working from home only made the position more isolating and dull.

In my first two days of employment at Tremont I’ve had the satisfaction of fixing 2 printers, 1 sound card, improving e-mail for 3 users, installing new software for over half a dozen users, fixing a long standing issue with the antivirus server, and probably some other tasks I’m forgetting.

While watching installation progress bars isn’t exactly a party, the gratification from making someone’s life easier with 10 minutes of work is incredibly satisfying. As a programmer, I could spend days hacking up an ugly solution to a difficult problem and never have time to do things right. Removing spyware may be boring and kind of suck, but the user’s reaction when their computer runs 100x faster makes it all worth it.

To be honest this new job isn’t entirely a demotion. I would never have taken it if I thought all of my days would be spent running Windows Update and upgrading Office. Hopefully in the near future you’ll see me blogging about:

  • A Linux Gateway/Firewall/VPN solution
  • Replacing Exchange with anything else!
  • Migrating from Internet Explorer to Firefox
  • Using Linux file servers
  • Setting up some Linux workstations

And my ultimate goal:

Migrating 500 computers from Windows to Linux.

I’ll keep you posted. 😉