Evolution: Day 2


So yesterday I raved about using Evolution for e-mail. Things are a bit less rosy today. No showstoppers, just annoyances:

  • Startup takes about 2 minutes now including about 90 seconds of nothing being displayed.
  • Moving an IMAP folder pretty much borked that account. Didn’t lose any e-mails, just lots of strange errors messages about not being subscribed to folders or folders no longer existing (even though they do). I was able to fix everything using Squirrel Mail.
  • Exchange Contacts stopped working.
  • New Mail Notification via a plug-in is far more complex than it needs to be, or maybe I’m just stupid.

In Evolutions defense:

  • I am using the old 2.6 version of Evolution, so perhaps some of these issues have been resolved in 2.8.
  • IMAP was very flaky in Thunderbird as well.
  • The Mailing List Plugin features are fantastic as are the filtering capabilities.

Update: Added 2 new woes.