PostgreSQL 8.2 Released


Just noticed PostgreSQL 8.2 was released yesterday. I chose PostgreSQL 8.x for a large project when MySQL 5 either wasn’t out or was too new for my comfort.

I learned database application programming on MySQL, but now I choose PostgreSQL whenever I have the option. PostrgeSQL is just packed with features that MySQL either doesn’t have or just recently implemented so you need a cutting edge version.

It seems to me that PostgreSQL has a much better user community as well. I know there are many excellent DBA’s using MySQL, but the MySQL community seems dominated by PHP hackers who found MySQL pre-installed on their $5/mo. shared hosting account.

If you’ve never tried PostgreSQL, I highly recommend it, especially if you’ve ever implemented autonumber tables in MySQL to get around flaky autonumber generation. PostgreSQL uses sequences which are basically single field/row tables for maintaining autonumbers. There are a number of sequence related functions in PostgreSQL that makes work with autonumbers not only easy, but also predictable.

Oh and [pgAdmin III][3] beats MySQL’s awkward and buggy GUI offerings any day.