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I used to get my nerd news fix from Slashdot like every other self-respecting geek, but I was lured away when Digg came around with its pretty interface and “wisdom-of-the-masses”.

Turns out the masses have the collective wisdom of my cat: they’re both whiny and Cat Nip is to Cats what Apple Announcements are to Digg.

So now I’m back at Slashdot, and I’ve actually created an account. I’ve found if you filter Slashdot comments to 4s and 5s, there’s actually some useful information in there.

(As if to validate my decision, I quick dropped by Digg to see the following headlines: Women of Warcraft and Celebrities – Separated at Birth and Japanese Teen Idol Tries To Destroy SNES Cartridges… wow… pure quality.)

Update: I should mention Ars Technica is my absolute favorite nerd news site.  Slashdot is for quantity, Ars is for quality, and El Reg is for hilarity.