Administering Multiple Linux Servers Remotely


So I was playing around with recordMyDesktop, and I decided I might as well make something useful with it.

Administering Multiple Linux Servers Remotely (ogg format)

If you can’t play Ogg Theora video files, download VLC – it can play anything (or get Linux 😉 ).

Anyway, what I’m demonstrating here is how I setup drawers and launchers on my Gnome panel to start Synaptic and a Terminal on the remote servers I administer. What makes this really handy is that I don’t have to login as SSH support Kerberos, and since all of my Linux computers are granted tickets by Active Directory: Single Sign-On Nirvana. (Many many thanks to Earl Tom for patiently helping me get SSO setup initially.)

To accomplish all of this beautiful remote administration magic requires getting your Linux boxes to authenticate against Active Directory or just using SSH keys.

Make sure you have the following settings in your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file:

# If you’re using AD instead of key pairs:
GSSAPIAuthentication yes
# Make sure X Windows programs (like Synaptic) will run:
X11Forwarding yes

Happy hacking, and let me know if I should record more videos! (Or if you know of a better video recorder than recordMyDesktop. It works perfectly, but Ogg Theora isn’t a very common codec.)