Vista Mini Review


I played with Vista Home Basic for about 15 minutes on a new laptop the school purchased. The laptop is about as cheap as they come: Compaq 1.75 GHz Celeron with integrated Intel video and 512 MB RAM. Needless to say Vista ran very slowly. I don’t think any of the special effects were turned on (except for slowly fading notification bubbles).

I love that Documents and Settings has become Users, and I like the new slashless address bar for the most part. I think Gnome should definitely adopt something like that as its more powerful than their current button based address bar.

The Control Panel is very pretty and well organized although slow to load. Its going to take me a while to learn to navigate Vista as quickly as I can 2000, XP, or Gnome.

And that probably sums it up the best: Vista is different. It’s prettier, slower, and has some nice new features. It will take a while to get used to it. Most adult non-power-users will hate it (at first) for being different. And in 2 years (and 2 service packs later), it will probably be the most installed OS in the world.

I also spotted my first bug (or at least missing feature):

Vista Explorer

Why are there column headings when there are no columns? I suppose it could be to make sorting easier, but its a very strange interface if thats the case. XP hid the column headers when you weren’t viewing Details.

It also alphabetizes horizontally then vertically even though it fills vertically then horizontally.