Iceweasel + libnss_wins = Crash


I hate the fact that Firefox, probably the most recognizable open source brand name, was hastily renamed Iceweasel in Debian Etch due to trademark issues.

So I’ve been especially sensitive lately as Iceweasel seems to be crashing on me all the time. I’ve uninstalled my add-ons, cleared my cache, and tried to debug the issue.

I finally caught a crash while attached to Iceweasel using gdb. Looks like libnss_wins (Samba‘s WINS name lookup service) is to blame:

Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error.<br /> [Switching to Thread -1288709200 (LWP 28528)]<br /> 0xb1a98309 in toupper_w () from <strong>/lib/</strong>

Of course I just failed to duplicate the crash…

Update: Removing wins from my nsswitch.conf works and doesn’t seem to hurt anything else.