ATI Proprietary Linux Driver Annoyance


If you use dual monitors with an ATI video card and Gnome, don’t use Gnome’s Screen Resolution capplet. The Screen Resolution capplet will reset the “DesktopSetup” option in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file to the default of “clone“.If you’ve already used the Screen Resolution capplet and don’t want your desktop cloned, remove the following folder from your home directory:~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/screen

I really wish Gnome’s Configuration Editor would let you delete folders, but just deleting the folder and restarting Gnome works fine.

Thanks to everyone in #gnome on who helped me figure this one out!

Update: I’m an idiot. One of the students that uses Linux pointed out to me that the ATI drivers simple use a wider resolution when spanning monitors. So if I add “2048×768” to my xorg.conf, the Screen Resolution capplet will work again.